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With the massive disruption in our lives caused by COVID-19, the already growing utilization of online education has, in Star Wars parlance, jumped to lightspeed.  What was once a nice-to-have is now the critical link in your overall strategy to safely educate your students. 

Establishing a virtual school or program can help you support more students and meet your school or district’s needs with increased flexibility, expanded course offerings, and solutions that help offset both temporary and long-term teacher shortage.  Azure High School, accredited by COGNIA (formerly AdvancED) and NCAA approved, has provided top-quality K-12 online education for over 18 years.

Partner with a Leader in Online K-12 Education

Azure High School in brief: 

  1. Educated over 34,000 students online 
  2. Enrolled students in more than 419,000 online courses 
  3. Offering more than 350 online full credit and semester courses 
  4. Operating online schools in 17 countries, and growing 
  5. Awarded numerous students with full scholarships to attend Azure High School 

We are proud to partner with schools and districts across the country to design and build virtual programs to address the needs of students in grades K–12. With expansive data and reporting features, innovative multimedia learning solutions, and support for designing and implementing your own virtual school or program, Azure High School is dedicated to helping you put students on the path to success. 

Offering a comprehensive, affordable, turnkey solution, Azure High School can quickly and effectively equip your school or district with the tools and resources necessary to continue its mission, particularly during uncertain times such as the COVID-19 pandemic.  In fact, you can open a complete Turnkey School or provide Blended Learning with our innovative learning management systemcourse management system, and a suite of more than 350 fully accredited semester and full-year courses.  Our diverse course offerings include Honors, AP, Virtual Reality, Credit Recovery, Summer School, and Career Electives with Certificates.  

Azure High School offers Schools and Districts affordable solutions with online courses starting at $250 per semester/half credit with a teacher and $200 per semester/half credit without a teacher.

Azure High School has done the work and eliminated the start-up costs 

We are ready to help you in providing online K-12 classes to all of your students this fall semester.  Partner with Azure High School and you can be up and running within two (2weeks.  

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