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You can earn a nationally and regionally accredited high school diploma online in the comfort of home on your own time, your own schedule and at your own pace, when you meet Azure High School graduation requirements. To receive a High School diploma, students need to earn at least 6 credits from AHS and a total of 24 credits between 9th to 12th grade. Credits previously earned from another school or homeschool program will transfer to Azure based on our transfer credit policy.

As an Azure High School student or parent, you’ll see that the connections cultivated between students and their teachers and counselors are what set the school apart from any other. Teachers and counselors at Azure are dedicated to paying personal attention to their students’ strengths and weaknesses in assignments and learning styles. Our team is also passionate about helping our students discover their lives beyond high school.

Each student develops a unique learning profile during his or her time at AHS that allows our staff to mold the learning curriculum to help them grow. As a result, students benefit from getting their online high school diploma in a way that would not be possible in a mainstream school. From enrollment to post-graduation, students are guided by their teachers and other academic counselors to ensure that they’repursuing a path that suits their individual goals and abilities.

Every AHS staff member is exemplary in terms of qualifications and experience. Ourteachers and counselors are both passionate about teaching and proficient in the necessary technology to do so in an online environment, making them the perfect candidates for the job. With such highly competent teachers to provide state of the art and efficient learning opportunities, students are offered a beneficial and unique experience when they turn to our online school to get a high school diploma. Students and parents can rest assured that they’ll get the feedback they need to be the best they can be while also having a consistent source of academic support. As a result, students will be inspired and encouraged to nurture their talents, both academic and creative. For that reason, Azure graduates are instilled with a love of learning and a capability to do so independently for life.

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