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Online High School is the future of education! At Azure High School parents and students will experience world-class education that not only challenges the student but gets them ready for the world beyond. Our constant innovation to improving students learning is world-class; from VR classes that place the student in a virtual world that allows them to interact with the course to our college prep courses. We offer students a learning opportunity that is exemplary to an exceptional education.

Azure High School is best known for Online Schooling and we are one of the top-rated Online High School and K12 Online School. We provide various online courses that are Accredited and recognized by the Department of Education and Board of Education.

Our online high school program provides students access to earn an Accredited Online High School Diploma at their own pace. We are Affordable, Convenient, Accredited. Our online high school program is available 24/7 which means students can conveniently set their own class schedule and can graduate as quickly as they like.

Looking for a National and Regional Accredited Online High School, an Online education alternative to Brick and mortar, Adult High School Online, K12 Homeschool, and Virtual High School than just visit Azure High School.

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