International Online High School Diplomas

The Azure High School family consists of students, families, teachers, and support professionals from all over the world. Whether you are a student who travels frequently or lives outside the U.S. and wants the advantages of Azure education, Azure can accommodate you and your learning style.

Regardless of location, an AHS student can use technology to access Azure teachers and receive a first-class education. Our school is tailored to the global student, with a flexible schedule that allows accessing no matter which time zone you find yourself in. Azure provides individual attention to assist each student in reaching their goals. No matter where the student is located, our high-quality education and individual attention will not change.

Academic coordinators are always ready and available to help students earn a high school diploma online from outside the United States. Whether the student wants to apply to colleges and universities in foreign countries, or attend a university in the U.S., our expert advisors can provide information and assistance. Whether you are a non-native English speaker, or a native English speaker living or traveling abroad, we prepare all Azure students to experience success in college or university study.

With an Azure  high school diploma, you will be able to apply to university in the United States, apply for F1/F2 Visa, and bypass the TOEFL Exam. Successful completion of the Azure program will demonstrate that you have the English skills and the drive to succeed. An Azure high school diploma is your key to the future.

The transcript must be an official high school transcript which includes the following

  • Student Full legal name
  • Student Date Of Birth
  • School Name
  • Names of courses
  • Weekly hours of instruction for each course and grades

If instead of weekly hours of instruction it says periods, then the foreign high school needs to indicate how many minutes are in each period.

NOTE: Some countries include this information in the transcript and in other countries when it is not included in the transcript it needs to come in a separate document.